New LookLeft out now!

New LookLeft out now!LookLeft – Ireland’s leading magazine for progressive news, views and solutions – available in Easons stores and over 600 newsagents across the country – 48 pages for just €2/£1.50

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In the latest issue of LookLeft:


1913 It’s importance then and now – historian BRIAN HANLEY discusses the events of 1913 and what they tell us about modern Ireland

Lockout Timeline – the events leading up to the Lockout and what happened

Lockout Events – calendar of some of the major events planned to commemorate the Lockout


No Left turn for Northern Ireland – PAUL DILLON speaks to some Northern Left activists on the problems facing progressive politics

Again across the oceans – DARA MCHUGH examines who are the victims and who profits from emigration from the Republic

Owen Jones Interview – KEVIN SQUIRES talks to the author of Chavs about the future of the Left

Securing the future of your home – Rising rents, less secure tenure and an unaccountable system is the future for Northern Irish public housing tenants, reports JUSTIN O’HAGAN

Save Our Forests – plans to sell off harvesting rights to State forests are an attack on the public good reports PADRAIG MANNION

Working Class: No one called that round here – CONOR MCCABE on why the Republic’s working class is right to be apathetic towards the demise of an uncaring State

History Marches On – the political theory of Eric Hobsbawm outlined by ULTÁN GILLEN

Meath raises the Red Flag – Seamus McDonagh of the Workers’ Party gives progressive voters a voice in the Meath East By-election

The Lions of Lisbon – ULTÁN GILLEN reports from the 19th Congress of the Portuguese Communist Party

The Abortion Rights Campaign – the struggle for reproductive rights.

CAHWT – KEVIN SQUIRES reports on the continuing battler against the household tax

ALSO: Mandate’s Fair Shops campaign, G8 Not Welcome, More TDs back the LookLeft stop former Ministers’ pensions campaign, the launch of Derry Antifa, Commemorating International Brigadista Frank Conroy


The LookLeft Debate: Unions and the Household Tax – The Workers’ Party’s James Coughlan and Socialist Party’s Mick O’Brien discuss

Austerity (Class War) is working – Eoghan O’Neill

Sideshows and circuses – the flags dispute – Brian McDermott

Women are paying for the recession – Stephanie Lord

Suicide Prevention – Donal O’Driscoll

The military adventures contiune – Padraig Mannion

Obits: Tony O’Reilly, Mike Dollard, Sean Redmond and James Stewart


Colm MacGeehin on the Children’s Referendum, the Stop the War Coalition, Post Office privatiSation


Irish Left Review, An introduction to the three volumes of Karl Marx’s Capital, Rising Expectations (and Rising Hell)


Inflammable Material – Sam McGrath on the career of Stiff Little Fingers

The Derry Sound – Kryton Son meets Barry Healy

Bow down before Luther Blissett – the unusual tale of the former Derry City player told by Kevin Brannigan

The Jemmy Hope Column on Islamists, the Magdalene Laundries Ultra-Catholics and Vincent Browne

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